Analysis of the Golden Goddess Slot

White doves, a prince charming, a crimson rose, a pink Pegasus, and ethereal music all come to mind. and a Golden Goddess, her golden locks bouncing with delicious sweetness. Magical, slightly Disney-esque, extremely romantic, and slightly bijou (in a good way), the game was created by IGT and High 5 games. Play the Mount Olympus soap opera from the convenience of your own chaise couch after seeing it on video terminals and FOBTs at casinos and stores.


Golden Goddess Slot Machine Information Expanded Upon

Golden Goddess is a 5-reel, 40-line video slot. You can place a stake anywhere from $1 to $40 per line, for a maximum possible wager of $2000. The potential payout for a complete screen of Golden Goddess symbols is therefore quite high.


The game’s Autospin function makes for time-saving gaming. The slot’s SuperStacks feature, in which similarly situated symbols expand to fill the whole reel, further boosts the player’s chances of hitting the slot’s progressive jackpot.


The Golden Goddess icon acts as a Wild, replacing all other icons excluding the Rose symbol. A total of nine roses (three full columns across the second, third, and fourth reels) are required to activate the extra feature.

Golden Goddess has what characteristics?


The Golden Goddess’s nationality is never revealed in the slot, but considering the setting (a mountain with an acropolis-like edifice at its pinnacle), it’s probably reasonable to infer she’s Greek. What this means is we need to identify the true Golden Goddess competitors.


Namely, the Goddess of War, Athena. In Roman mythology, she was called Minerva. a heroic goddess and fierce warrior. Athenian patron. How sensuous can a virgin Goddess be, anyway?


Artemis: the hunt, the hills, and the moon. The Roman goddess Diana. She is Apollo and Demeter’s daughter. She represented femininity as a deity. Is the Goddess the prototypical feminist?


  • Aphrodite, the love, beauty, and fertility goddess. Roman mythology’s Venus. Beautiful as she was, the other gods frequently worried that her presence might sow discord among the people of ancient Greece. Is the Golden Goddess the first known queen of beauty?


  • Hera, the Olympian Gods’ queen. The Roman goddess Juno. Married to Zeus and filled with envious rage and a thirst for revenge against his other lovers and the world at large. Not precisely the type of deity one might expect…


  • Demeter, the harvest queen and overseer of the life-and-death cycle (no small task). Roman mythology’s Ceres. “Sito” means “Queen of the Grain.” A significant role, but not as well-known as the Golden Goddess?


It is reasonable to conclude that the Golden Goddess is not one specific deity but rather a composite, or Frankenstein’s monster, of several. The allure of Aphrodite, the femininity of Artemis, the might of Athena, the fury of Hera… no concrete evidence suggests that. Either way, it’s a slot machine that preys on our ideas about the mysterious, powerful, and sexually alluring nature of ancient gods.


Added Value Functions

When the bonus round begins, select a symbol to represent your choice of horse, dove, Goddess, or man. Next, the superstack is activated once more, and the player receives seven free games. The free spins cannot be retriggered, however, because no additional bonus symbols occur during this round.


Extra Prizes

Select the horse, the dove, the Goddess, or the man icon once you reach the bonus game. The super stack is then activated once more, and the player receives 7 more free spins as a reward. The free spins cannot be retriggered, however, because no additional bonus symbols occur during this round.


Game: Golden Goddess Slot Play at Will

Many of the top online casinos provide free demo versions of their games, and Golden Goddess by IGT (International Gaming Technology) is no exception. In order to comply with regulations set forth by licensing authorities, a free-play slot machine must perform in the same manner as its real-money counterpart. As a result, the potential payouts of free play shouldn’t be misleading. Golden Goddess has a theoretical average RTP (Return to Player) ranging from 93.50% to 96%. Over the course of a long session of gambling, this provides the house an edge of between 4.6 and 4.5 percent.


A Brief Overview of the Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess slot machine, based on Greek mythology, features a stunning main character and an intriguing Ancient Greek setting. Try one of these recommended gambling establishments today.


Pluses No-risk spins

High chance of winning on a single spin

Countless potential outcomes


No Rolling Jackpot

No freebies here

A-Z of the Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess Game: What Is It?


Play Golden Goddess Slot, a 5-reel, 40-payline video slot game, with a coin value of C$1 to C$40 per line. It features a Special Bonus Feature that can give you 7 free games if you play it right.

Golden Goddess has a high RTP, but what is it exactly?


The return to player percentage for Golden Goddess Slot is 96%. The slot machine features 5 reels.

The maximum payout on Golden Goddess is…?


If you’re lucky enough to play Golden Goddess, you might win up to 1,000 times your wager.






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